God of Creation Exhibition

One of the ways we can see the glory of God is through the beauties and wonders of this world. We are planning an exhibition in early October where we as a church have an opportunity to use our own creativity to respond to the God of Creation. So we are asking for submissions from anyone who would like to exhibit. Submissions could be paintings, drawings, poems, photographs, sculptures, etc, but perhaps they could also be knitting, tapestry or origami or anything else that helps you to express yourself!

The theme is open for you to interpret the title as the spirit leads you, but you may want to express worship, praise and thanks.

Here are some things that might help with inspiration:

  • Read some Psalms, for example Psalm 8, Psalm 104, Psalm 121...
  • In October we will be celebrating Harvest as usual, so something my come to mind from that. 
  • During lockdown - our time outside, in our gardens or exercising further afield, has been one place where we have had some degree of freedom. Perhaps our time outside has brought joy and peace to our troubled minds.
  • This may focus us again to consider our responsibility to God’s creation.

We would love to include a section of submissions from those under 16 in part of the exhibition.

We expect to have some kind of physical exhibition (possibly with limited attendance through our building) and also an on-line exhibition.

So think of ideas and work towards having pieces ready to exhibit by the end of September.

Contact the for further details.

While we’d hope to be able to display all submissions we would expect all submissions to have a link to the God of Creation theme and to be aligned to the Harvest objective of honouring and thanking God through the Exhibition.  We would ask people to be aware of the following considerations:-
  • We do require your permission to display your submission on-line, as well as in the exhibition at Fairfield.
  • Two dimensional items larger than 150cm by 100cm ( or three dimension items greater than 80cm x 80cm x 80cm) may present a problem and may not be suitable – please check with the church before proceeding.
  • We suggest that no one makes assumptions as to where or how their submission might be displayed and so please don’t produce something with any stipulation as to where in the building you want it displayed.  
  • If the item was deemed inappropriate to be displayed in a place that is also used for Christian worship it wouldn’t be displayed
  • If the item was deemed to be divisive within our church or community it wouldn’t be displayed
  • The name of the artist and, for those under 16, their age will be displayed with the artwork as well as a short paragraph to support the work if the artist would like to provide that.  This may be edited for display or other reasons. 
  • We hope that many people will be blessed and encouraged both by taking part and by viewing the submissions and we seek to honour and praise God in all that we do.  
  • The decisions of the ‘committee’ regarding accepting and displaying of items in the exhibition will be final.