Creation Care Initiative

The Fairfield Creation Care Initiative aims to 

1)     Encourage the church (as a whole and decision-makers within it) to:

  • have a strong theology of creation care
  • evaluate our impact on the environment
  • consider environmental impact and sustainability when making decisions, especially in areas identified in audit
  • promote good stewardship of creation through teaching, worship, prayer and church activities

2)     Encourage individuals to: 

  •  be more aware of these issues 
  • pray, make lifestyle changes, take action  

For more details please contact the FCCI Chair Derek Peters, and see the FCCI Policy 

Fairfield Church Creation Care Policy v02 May 2023.pdf

Love your neighbour

There are encouraging stories that nature can recover when given a helping hand. One example; Dead and dying coral reefs attract life when crabshells from local restaurants are carefully piled up to create a substitute. God’s wonderful creation knows what to do, but it sometimes needs a helping hand from His human representatives to kickstart the repair.

Every little bit helps.

10 ideas to work on; change your life a little out of love for those who did not cause the damage, but suffer the consequences disproportionately.

Last month Neville provided a temporary pink bin for small electricals; Hillingdon Council have a permanent collection point in Northwood Hills Library.

We are not alone; thousands of others are making a difference and millions depend on us.

                                   Roxana Peters

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